Nutella Lattes Are Your New Caffeinated BFF

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I remember the first time I tried the glorious taste of Nutella. It was in my Italian class in middle school, and we had gotten to try the beloved European dessert as part of our "cultural immersion." (Obviously, the class was the best one I had that entire day.) Now, I can't imagine a life without the chocolate hazelnut spread: it's so versatile that literally anything can be made better with it. Now, a food blogger has combined two addictive things - coffee and Nutella - for a drink that's a definite need. The Nutella latte is here, and you're going to want it ASAP.

The genius over at the blog How Sweet It Is came up with this concoction, and it's the stuff of pure, caffeinated genius. It's also super simple. According to the blogger, this recipe is "embarrassingly simple," but that doesn't mean it's not delicious. Because, oh - it is so delicious.

The only thing you need to do to create this coffee drink is put a scoop of Nutella in your mug, pour hot espresso on top, and whisk. You can then add as much frothy steamed milk as your heart desires for a latte that even Starbucks would be jealous of. You can even get fancy and turn your froth into a cat, like so:
Now go forth and try this recipe, chocolate lovers! You may just find that you're skipping the coffee shop in the AM to try this one yourself.
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