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20 Things That College Has Taught Me

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College is all about survival. You have to be independent, use your resources wisely and simply try to make it through another day alive. Here are some things that college has taught me!

1. Making Friends All Over Again Is Hard
You have to start from the beginning and make all new friends. You have known your high school friends since kindergarten, back in the days when you could borrow someone's crayons and you became instant homies. Now, you actually have to try to make friends, and it's such a #struggle.

2. You Appreciate Home
For as much as your family can drive you insane, you love them and they're always there for you. In college, you don't live with them anymore, and you don't have them every time you need them. Also, after the first week, the dining hall food gets old, and you'll long for your mom's homemade zucchini frittata.

3. You Appreciate College
Sometimes you may get homesick, but the freedom and independence in college are such a luxury.

4. How to Do the Laundry
Your parents don't do your laundry anymore, so don't be like me and shrink half your clothes the first time you try it or leave them in the dryer all day, so mean kids can take them and throw them on the floor. #notblessed

5. How Much Life Costs
A fruit cup in the convenience store costs $4.25; there goes my entire bank account. I'm just trying to be healthy, and next thing I know, I'm in debt.

6. Parties Aren't as Cool as They Are in the Movies
I was expecting the parties to be like in Neighbors, when they walk in to the frat house and it's so lit. It's decorated with neon lights, and everyone's clothes are glowing in the dark, the music is popping, and Zac Efron is in a dance-off. But in reality, you go to a college party, and it's in some random, sketchy basement that smells, and the cops come after 20 minutes and make you leave.

7. Sleep Is Nonexistent
Who has time for sleep when you have three papers, 50 pages of reading and a lab assignment all due the next day?

8. You Have to Do Good on Tests
Your final grade depends solely on two test grades at most, so it's either do good on those tests or you're SOL.

9. How to Live With Someone Else
Having a roommate means giving up all of your privacy. You can be #besties with your roommate, but we all need our alone time. This takes time to get used to.

10. How to Carry a Key and ID With You at all Times
Your room key and student ID are your most prized possessions, and you have to remember them every time you go out or else you'll be locked out and have to wait for someone else to open the front door to your building, which is always mad awkward.

11. How to Get Accustomed to a Communal Shower
Don't forget to wear your flip-flops into the shower! Also, make sure you spend an hour rinsing the shampoo out of your hair because the water pressure is lower than your GPA.

12. College Will Change Some of Your Friends
That one friend who never went to a party in her life will go to college and suddenly become a hardcore party animal who eats, sleeps, parties and repeats. She's too cool for you and your early bedtime now, and you've been replaced by her new college friends.

13. You Have no Idea how You Used to Wake up at 6 a.m.
You can hardly wake up for your earliest class now, and it's at 1 p.m. How did you ever wake up for high school?

14. How to Walk Approximately 10,000 Steps a Day
Walking around campus is your excuse for not going to the gym. You get a major leg workout from walking to your classes and going up the stairs of your building.

15. How to Be so Lazy That You Don't Eat
The dining hall is so far away, so you settle for having a Swedish Fish for dinner.

16. You're Going Be in School for the Rest of Your Life
It's only the first semester of your freshman year, and you're already drained from college. You came in wanting your Master's and PhD, and now you realize that that means you're gonna be in school for another decade. R.I.P. to your youth.

17. Rain Is the Worst
You used to love rain because it was so pretty and peaceful, but now it's an absolute disaster. Getting soaked on your way to class isn't fun.

18. Morning Classes Suck, but so do Night Classes
Morning classes suck because you have to wake up early. Night classes suck because you have to wait all day for them to start. It's a lose-lose situation.

19. Just When You Think You're Finished With Work, You Get More
Me: "Yay I just finished my English research paper!!!"

*the next day*

*gets bombarded with a Sociology group project, 30 pages of Western Civ reading and a test in human bio*

20. Despite all the Struggles, This Is a Great Time in Life

College is really fun. You meet some really cool people. You have so much freedom and independence. Also, you have four years to figure out who you truly are. But then again, sometimes you want to drop out and become famous because clearly you're destined to make it big and this is just a waste of time. LOL.

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