Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hair is the Yummiest Trend of 2015

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We love food and we love beauty trends, so when those two things come together for a flawless marriage of the most delicious and chic style, we get pretty psyched. There has been no shortage of food-related beauty trends this year (remember Jell-o Lipstick?) but one of 2015's most mouth-watering trends isn't for your face, but for your hair. Yes, my dessert-obsessed friends of the world, you can now make your hair look like a chocolate chip cookie.

The idea was developed by stylist Ryan Pearl of New York City's Cutler Salon. A new take on the classic dark-to-light ombre, chocolate chip cookie hair layers multiple dimensions of light, honey-colored hair shades on dirty blonds or lighter brunettes. The result is a straight-from-the-oven look that seems good enough to eat.
While the look might not scream your favorite Nestle Toll House treat upon first glance, there is a method to Ryan's madness when it comes to the name.

"I often use food terms as a way to 'paint a picture' and make it much easier for a client to understand what I've done," Cutler said to Mane Addicts. "For instance, these tones I may call 'chocolate chip cookie' because it's a much more interesting, fun, and relatable way to name a color than simply referring to it as 'warm or cold.'"

Well Ryan, we love it. The thought of being able to tell our friends that our latest hair style is baking-inspired is getting us pretty excited.

As for the application, Ryan says getting the perfect chocolate chip look is a bit different than styling an ombre.
"I try to add to the look I've created by painting ribbon-like pieces that cascade over her face while I stagger the height of the painted pieces on the sides and back of her head," he said. "Then I paint a section of hair and blend in the ends of another section of hair as a way to accentuate POP."

And if you're not completely convinced just yet, Ryan says he also designed his style to look even better as your hair grows, which makes for great, low-maintenance color.

We're hoping that Ryan will expand his dessert-inspired looks beyond our favorite cookie. What about Oreo hair, Ryan? Or maybe you can try a variation on a chocolate-strawberry cake? We can't wait to see what you do next!


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