Mayim Bialik Is Proving That Nerds Are Saving The World

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Unless you live under a rock, Mayim Bialik has been kind of kicking butt for the past couple decades. We love her as the sassy 'Amy Farrah Fowler' on the Big Bang Theory and some of us that came of age in the 90s remember her as Blossom, one of our favorite teens with a fearless fashion sense and a heart of gold. And she kinda grew up to be a superhero: not only is she a mom of two, a published author on parenting, a spokesperson for Texas Instruments, DeVry University, Gillette's Man of Steel campaign, (among others), she also wrote a vegan cookbook and is, uh, a flippin' Neuroscientist. Needless to say, there's not much out there that Mayim can't do. And she just took it a step further with her new "I'm With Mayim" merch campaign.

After launching GrokNation - Mayim's website that links her love of writing to all things "nerd" and culture ("Grok" meaning "to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy") - Mayim decided to jump into philanthropy to help raise money for Big Picture Learning, a network working to repair the education system one student/classroom at a time; particularly in the underserved schools in our communities. The product? Well, it's kinda rad.
Mayim Bialik sweatshirt merch groknation

For now, the site only offers three different styles of the "I'm With Mayim" design: a unisex tee, a slouchy tee, and a super-cozy sweatshirt. "We went back and forth and back and forth and we decided we would start with one design," Mayim says on her site, "we hope to make many different products eventually which is great because the mighty little team of us who run this site had some really fun awesome ideas we want to share. This is just one to start with...with my glasses. Nerd power. You know how that goes."

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Portions of the proceeds for "I'm With Mayim" shirts will also go towards helping GrokNation stay afloat: the site doesn't use advertisers and is run by a very small team. We think it's really cool when celebs only do things worth standing up for, and refuse to sell out to make a quick buck (remember when Adele turned down millions of dollars in endorsement deals? Baller!). We stand with you too, Mayim. Nerd power!


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