These Mini Breakfast Recipes Are Everything You Need to Start Your Day

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This is total genius.

Just when we thought McDonald's All-Day Breakfast was one of the food highlights of the year, blogger Caitlin from Public Lives, Secret Recipes (i.e. our new best friend) put a spin on grub to start the day that almost made us pass out.

She figured out a way to turn Cheerios into teensy donuts, and topped them with frosting, cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar to take bowls of cereal to a whole new level. "Sure they end up looking like a treat for Barbie & you'll eat at least 40 of them but they taste great & they're really freakin' cute!," she wrote about her Mini Cheerio Donut recipe. We're in.

Caitlin not only broke down how to make the treats, but also how to create an adorable mini donut box with them too, which is a definite must-try. And that was just the beginning of her breakfast shrinkage recipes.
The grub guru also created an epic mini Pop-Tarts cereal, which looks just like tiny Pop-Tarts, complete with filling, topped with icing and sprinkles. Caitlin describes the taste of the dough as similar to that of a sugar cookie (yum!).
The recipe for the mini bites are a little bit tougher since you have to make the Pop-Tarts from scratch, but with a little bit of effort it can be done.

And we have a feeling it's totally worth it.


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