How You Feel When Your Contour Slays

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If you've dabbled in the art of contouring, chances are you have experienced the one-of-a-kind feeling that occurs when you master the perfect highlight. It's certainly a magical moment when the area between your eyes and cheeks glisten like rays of sun. Everything you thought you knew about makeup forever changes, and you suddenly know what "my face is BEAT!" really means.

Because we treasure moments like this, we've put together a list of how every girl feels when her highlight is on fleek. We know you can relate.

You literally can't stop smizing.
Your cheekbones have suddenly come alive. It's time to work those angles for the perfect Instagram selfie ever.

"YASSSSSSS" is totally a word in your vocabulary.
Because duh, you look so freaking amazing, and "yassss" is the best way to sum up your emotions.

You're not going to pass up a chance to show off those cheeks.
Whether you're about to take a photo or you're meeting someone for the first time, you make sure to give them a little cheek action. Get into this highlight boo.

You can't stop telling others about the power of the highlight.
Now you're a pastor, and can't stop spreading the good word about your fave highlighter. Your girlfriends might be annoyed, but they'll totally love you for it later.

You feel like a million bucks.
Because when your makeup looks great, you just feel great.


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