These Were the Most Popular Hashtags of 2015

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While social media makes it easier for the world to hold global conversations, it also makes it easier for us to keep tabs on the words on everyone's lips.

Twitter recently released its YearOnTwitter, giving us a glance into what we all talked about this year. Through hashtags and retweets, Twitter identifies the top trends in topics like celebs, music and sports, the most retweeted posts, the most influential hashtags and the new voices who joined the conversation.

Unsurprisingly, some of the most retweeted posts on Twitter came from Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Yup, 1Ders really have a hold on Twitter. This was the most retweeted Tweet this year:One Direction also carried over to the top trending category, in which Twitter named the top 10 hashtags across several categories. #OneDirection took first prize, with #GOT7 following in second place. The most popular celeb to hashtag was #ArianaGrande (she also was the top searched female celeb on Polyvore - big year for Ari!).

And here's the emojis that were Tweeted the most:
TwitterThen there are the most influential hashtags: The world supported Paris with #PrayForParis and #JeSuisCharlie during the tragic terrorist attacks, while #BlackLivesMatter called for social change and equality. #HomeToVote and #LoveWins carried the marriage equality movement, and #RefugeesWelcome helped refugees from the Middle East find asylum in Europe.

One thing's for sure: This year has been one crazy ride, and Harry Styles has been no small part o it.


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