The Awesome Way Buzzfeed Used Snapchat Discover for Good

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In light of recent events, it's an understatement to say that it's not easy to be Muslim right now.

On Monday, Buzzfeed used its Snapchat Discover channel - which is usually full of Buzzfeed's silly internet humor - to take a stance on current events. Buzzfeed turned to a mix of funny and serious content that included a "profile of a Muslim fashion blogger, a graphic called '8 Emojis All Muslims Need,' a video showing how to wear different hijab styles, a listicle of popular Twitter posts from the hashtag #GrowingUpMuslim, and other Islam-related memes and videos," reports Fast Company. Like all Snapchat collections, it disappeared after 24 hours.

Some of the most powerful stuff included a listicle titled "13 Ways to Take Care of Yourself in the Face of Islamophobia."

Buzzfeed's Snapchat Discover content no doubt made an impact on both Muslim and non-Muslim viewers, hopefully helping the latter to better understand the fear and trauma Muslims are faced with each day. Fast Company says:

"BuzzFeed's decision to feature all-Muslim content on one of its biggest platforms (a recent estimate suggests that Snapchat views make up 21 percent of all interactions with BuzzFeed content online) is a weighty acknowledgment and validation of the media company's Muslim audience—especially at a time when a prominent presidential candidate has called for a ban on Muslims coming into the U.S."

Buzzfeed gets a gold star for this stance against intolerance. Way to go, guys!


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