Kylie Jenner, Who Is Not Latina, Was Just Declared a Latina Icon

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Kylie Jenner is many things, including media mogul, reality star, and Instagram queen. One thing she is definitely not, however, is Latina. Despite that glaring fact, PopSugar Latina published an article that compared Kylie to tons of famous Latina celebs with the headline "Kylie Jenner Is Basically a Mix of All Your Favorite Latina Celebrities" - and, unsurprisingly, it rubbed plenty of people the wrong way.

The article compared Kylie's style to that of iconic Latinas in the media, including the late Selina Quintanilla, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie's own friend Selena Gomez.According to a note published by the editors of PopSugar Latina, which replaced the article after the ensuing controversy, the website wanted to show what a strong influence the Latina community had on celebrity culture, not imply that Kylie actually was Latina.

Still, readers on Twitter were upset with the piece, as they believed it implied that Kylie, a white woman, was "better" at representing Latina culture than actual Latinas.Kylie didn't ask for this comparison, of course, but the fact that she is being praised for "borrowing" elements of Latina culture speaks to a larger conversation about cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is essentially the idea that someone of privilege can pick and choose elements of a culture that they like, without dealing with the issues of that community. Because Kylie is white, she has inherent privilege that Latina women do not.

It's not the first time that people have used the term in regard to Kylie: even Kylie's famous full lips, achieved by injections, have been criticized as an appropriation of black culture. Whether Kylie was influenced by black celebrities or not, the fact is that people are fascinated with Kylie's full lips but not the full lips of the women of color who are born with them.

Whatever the intention behind the PopSugar Latina article, ultimately the piece opened up a much larger discussion - one we should keep talking about.
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