4 Ways to Make Your Dorm Bed Suck a Little Less

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We're thisclose to just sleeping on the cold, hard linoleum floor if it means one less night in the sorry excuse for beds our college dorms give us.

But since it's winter and it's kinda cold down there, we tapped the snooze experts and co-founders at mattress company Helix Sleep, Adam Tishman, Kristian von Rickenbach and Jerry Lin, for a solution. Helix Sleep uses mad science like sleep ergonomics and 3D human modeling to create amazing personalized mattresses, considering your body structure, sleeping routine and mattress preference. Sigh...someday that dream mattress might become a reality for us. But until then, here are four genius ways to stop losing sleep over your dorm bed.

1. Get a 2-inch mattress topper. Adam, Kristian and Jerry suggest latex for the perfect mixture of comfort, bounce and breathability, like this one from Wayfair for $178.

2. Clean sheets make a major difference. Invest in two sets of nice sheets - let's be realistic about how often we do laundry. Check the thread count and aim high!

3. Figure out if you like to sleep on your side, back or stomach. Invest in a pillow made specifically for that position.

4. White noise is your friend, especially in a loud college dorm. We are huge fans of the Relax Melodies app by Ipnos Soft that lets you produce your own sleep beats. Rad.

Now get some shut-eye, it's finals week!


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