Does Hair Chalking Really Work? We Tried it For Ourselves

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We've been hearing a lot about hair chalking lately, like how simple it is to apply and how awesome the results which you can wash out immediately the next day, but we were a little skeptical about the hype. Does hair chalk really come out vibrantly when there's no dye or bleach involved? Will it get everywhere, and will our mother kill us for trailing chalk around the house? And worst of all, will it stain our hair if it's color-treated?

Since we weren't satisfied with having a bunch of questions with no answers, we decided to put it to the test ourselves. A little word of advice for all aspiring hair chalkers of the world: Things are about to get messy.

The Product
Hot HuezTo start off my venture into hair chalking land, I got myself a Sally Beauty Hot Huez Hair Chalk Kit ($9.99, Sally Beauty) because the pack came with four different, bright shades and was super affordable. I was also a fan of how Hot Huez came in little compacts, which made for an easier application and ensured I got less product on my hands than a chalk stick.

Sally Beauty's directions were super very helpful. Not only did they warn that chalk might go everywhere (which it pretty much did) it gave a step-by-step guide on how to use its shades to make for long-lasting, high pigmentation. The first word of advice? Prime your hair so that the color won't stain your locks. Sally Beauty especially recommended this for people who have blond, color treated hair which mine most certainly is.

I sprayed my hair generously with primer and allowed it to dry, covering the bathroom in paper towels and putting an old towel around my shoulders. Even though my shirt wasn't one of my favorites, I wanted was shooting for minimal chalk fall out.

My First Impression
Sally BeautyI have about a million different colors going on in my hair, so I tried out my first strand one one of my hair's darker parts. I opted for the blue chalk first because it was such an adorable shade, and locked the mini pot around my strand, running it down slowly. Right away, the chalk showed up and looked pretty bright. I didn't realize it wouldn't hit the back of my hair (the pot only had chalk on one side) but to fix this, Sally Beauty suggested twisting the hair as you run the chalk through it.

I continued, alternating with the blue and a light purple shade which looked almost pink (and really, really cool!). There really wasn't a science for to how I did it; keeping with an ombre-look, I picked up strands, chalked them and continued around my head until I was satisfied with the look.

Yes, chalk does go everywhere. It got on the towel, it got on the floor of my bathroom, it was all over both of my hands and it even ran up my arm.
Hair ChalkBy the time I was done, my hand looked like this which made me pretty nervous. The last thing I wanted was to walk through the world with blue-stained hands. But, a simple wash in the sink with soap was enough to get all the chalk off my hands and arms. I was able to catch the rest of the fall out on the paper towels, and cleaned anything I missed with some all-purpose cleaner.

And all was good in the hood.

The Final Result
Sally Beauty
Um, this looked amazing! As I went through my hair, I began to experiment, running over strands with both the blue and purple chalk to create this really awesome blend of color.

If you want to make the color stay, Sally Beauty also suggests locking it in by styling it with a straightener or curling iron and a bit of hairspray. If you have darker hair, you can make the color last longer by applying it to wet hair.
Hair ChalkIt's safe to say I'm officially chalk obsessed.
Hair ChalkAfter getting chalked out, I went straight to Snapchat and Instagram to show off my new locks. Needless to say, my friends were pretty hooked too. Wearing the look in my hair for a bit, I noticed that it didn't transfer to my shirt, though I was careful to stay away from my couches. (You're welcome, Mom). Washing it took more than one shampoo because my hair is so light and color-treated, but it was still a minimal struggle.

Our final verdict on hair chalk? Love, love, love! I'm already thinking of new color combos to try for next time!


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