Real Problems for the Makeup Obsessed Girl

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If you are obsessed with everything makeup like we are, chances are you have experienced these very serious problems that come when makeup is your life. There are a lot of #GirlProbz when you're a makeup junkie. Because we can relate so much, we have put together a list of all the major makeup girl woes.

You'll spend your last dollar on a new makeup release.

MAC just announced a limited edition lipstick, and now you're forced to choose from lunch and RiRi Woo. Life is just not fair.

There's no such thing as last minute plans.

Please don't tell me you're 5 minute away, and want to head out. Ummm, excuse me, that is hardly enough time for me to get my look together. I need at least 30 minutes to put my face on, maybe next time.

But on the other hand, if you are running late you'll be forced to put on your makeup in harsh conditions.

Trying to contour on the train is just as awful as it sounds.

You'll extend your day if your makeup is beat.

There's nothing worse than wasting a good makeup day. Not only is makeup relatively expensive, but not enough people have had the privilege of witnessing your epic highlight.

After shopping for new products, it'll take days to get all those swatches off your hand.

I hope no one shakes my hand today, they'll know I have an addiction.

Maintaining your makeup products.
This sucks
Ughh! Washing your brushes is the worst.

You suddenly don't have time for anything else.

Because watching makeup tutorials on YouTube has taken over your life.

That soul crushing feeling when your eyeliner doesn't match up.

I can either not look at myself all day, or start this cruel process all over.

When your favorite product breaks.

WTF, is that my new, limited release lipstick splattered on the floor in pieces. Someone please hold me.

Having to take your makeup off at night.

Because no one wants lip-stained sheets.


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