Nathan Kress Weighs in on iCarly Ship Debate: Creddie or Seddie?

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Nathan Kress admits that he totally shipped Carly and Freddie together (Creddie) – meaning that whole iCarly Creddie vs. Seddie ship debate can finally be put to rest, y'all.

Nathan may be all grown up and a married man now (honestly, we feel so old), but MTV's recent interview with the former Nickelodeon star is giving us all those old school iCarly feels. We can't even.

Thanks to this new chat with Nathan, we find out if he thinks his character, Freddie Benson, was meant to end up with Carly or Sam.

Nathan explained that if Carly hadn't moved to Italy in the last episode, he believes she would have ended up with Freddie: "I think if everyone had stayed in Seattle...Carly would have realized what a fantastic guy [Freddie] was and how he was the one all along, even though he was right there, and it would have been that kind of textbook sitcom-y situation."

As for his take on the ship wars, Nathan noted: "We're three years out, and [the Creddie vs. Seddie fan wars have] still continued, which is crazy - and I love that. Obviously, that means that we made something people, even years after the fact with no new content, they still love."

Freddie and his wife, London Elise Moore, just celebrated one month of marriage, so he celebrated with a pic on Instagram, writing: "It's already been one month of wedded bliss with this woman. My best friend in the whole world. A ray of blue-eyed sunshine who makes every day a honeymoon... Just by being her beautiful self. I can't wait for the hundreds upon hundreds of months to come."


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