5 Reasons Primer Will Save Your Beauty Routine

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When it comes to makeup steps that you are willing to skip to save time and money, priming your face seems to be at the top of the list. After all, it's just a gel/cream that you put on your face before applying the rest of your beauty products, could it really make that much of a difference? Unfortunately for us lazy ladies, it really does and should be added to your routine, like yesterday. Primer not only has the power to make your makeup bullet proof, it can help cover up some of the things you're looking to hide before you even get near your concealer.

Basically, it's a miracle product and we're never leaving the house without it ever again. Here's all of the reasons why you absolutely should be using primer.

1. Diminishing the Size of Your Pores

Many primers are now going beyond the call of duty with formulas that specifically diminish the look of your pores before you apply your makeup. Whether you can notice your pores from a mile away, or your pores are barely visible, applying foundation has a way of magnifying those tiny little holes in your face and preventing your makeup from having that air brushed finish.

To fix this less than desirable situation, applying a primer, especially one that is designed to seal up pores, to your face beforehand will make sure your makeup has an even base.

2. To Add Extra Moisture

Moisturizers are great for revitalizing your skin, but if your skin is really dry a moisturizing primer can help. Adding that extra layer of hydration on top of your moisturizer can assist even more to prevent skin from flaking, and ultimately, to keep your makeup from drying you out. Foundation has a way of chipping off if your skin is way too dry, but a moisturizing primer can fix this after just a few seconds of applying it to your skin with your finger tips.

3. To Correct Discolorations

Just in case you weren't convinced that primer is the mighty, do-all product that it is, there are many primers out there that can correct skin discolorations too. If you have acne or dark spots on your face, a primer that comes equipped with either orange or green tints (some may have both!) will work to diminish those problem areas before you even touch your foundation. This is a wonderful hack for all you ladies who feel your concealer bottle needs a serious break; correcting skin is always a good idea to get rid of even the most pesky discolorations and give skin a healthy glow.

4. To Keep Makeup on Longer

Just in case you didn't know, the sole purpose of your primer is to make your makeup stay on, even after your most wild night out. According to All Women's Talk, primer prevents sweat from escaping your pores and wearing away at your flawless beauty artistry. Primer can also shield you from the elements of the world that are particularly threatening to your makeup, especially dust, water and other debris. Most importantly, primer gives your makeup a firm base to root itself to, which helps it stick around for longer.

5. To Make Your Makeup Go on Smoother

Once your face is completely corrected and those pores are hidden, your makeup can go on like velvet, making for an easier and more vibrant application. This is especially true if you prime your lids; applying a primer that will reduce the look of redness or veins around your eyes will help shadows and liners to pop even more and go on with heavier pigmentation. The same goes for your foundation; by giving your skin an even base, you can create a smoother finish.


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