Bella Thorne Defends Her Latina Heritage

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Bella Thorne is so over having to explain her Latina roots.

The Duff star, who is half Cuban, dished to HuffPost Live about just that, telling the outlet, "You don't have to have brown hair to be Latin. It's just a fact." Bella, who is a natural blonde, gave the example of Cameron Diaz, for example, whose father is of Cuban descent too.

"People ask me all the time 'How did you have a Quinceañera if you're not Latin?'" she continued. "It's a little annoying that people don't realize I'm Latin, but it's okay because I'm like right up there to tell them that I am."

In addition to her Cuban roots, Bella has also said in the past that she has Italian and Irish ancestry, thanks to her mom.

The former Disney star previously talked to Extra about why she gets annoyed when people don't think she's Latina. Last November, she told the outlet, "People don't' think I'm Latin because I have red hair and mostly my skin looks pale. But, mostly, I have really streaky blonde hair and I'm really tan. I just don't go in the sun because it's not good for you and I'm always wearing sunscreen."

"It's not about having dark hair and dark eyes," she continued. "It's about what's inside. You go Bella!


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