3 Eye Shadow Palettes That Will Forever Satisfy Your Makeup Needs

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We totes get it: Buying a quality eye shadow palette with every color you need is the epitome of #thestruggle. Not only will it cost you your life savings, some palettes out there seem to have less of the colors you need and more of the colors you'll never use in a million years. It may be tempting to buy individual color pots just to get the shades you want, but when you got your lid, crease and brow bone to deal with, it's still worth your while to go for the palette for the pinnacle of shadow looks. The key is finding the right palette that will help you hone your beauty look for every occasion.

And believe us, these mystical unicorns of the eye shadow world are out there.

1. Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Not surprised this one is on here, are you? Well, there's a reason that this palette changed the eye shadow game and completely blew up the Internet and that's because it's pretty much perfect. Yes, Urban Decay has since released two sequels and two basic palettes in light of its original, but the first Naked ($54, Macy's) will always have a special place in our hearts. The perfect combination of matte and shimmery shades, Naked has your essential nudes but also has some darker colors to go from day to night. Colors like Virgin are perfect for a brow bone highlight while fan favorites like Half-Baked and Smog will add pops of color to your lids. And if you want to make the look more intense and metallic, simply dip your brush in water and apply your shadow wet; it'll help bring out the pigment!

2. Lorac PRO Palette
Lorac PRO Palette Ulta.com - Cosmetics, Fragrance, Salon and Beauty...

We may have your classic Jacob vs. Edward situation going on when it comes to Lorac PRO Palette ($42, Ulta) and Urban Decay Naked, but those who are Lorac lovers are for a good reason. Like Naked, Lorac PRO Palette is a great balance of shimmery and matte shades with an equal amount of casual nudes to rock in the daytime and pops of color to wear at night. Since we're not about having too many bright color selections and favor palettes that keep the bizarre shades at bay, we have some serious love for Lorac. Featuring 12 shades of color that range across the map, Lorac's palette works for just about any event we can think of. And the colors are perfectly blendable to create new, unique shades.

3. NYX Cosmetics Box of Smokey Looks
Box of Smokey Look Collection | NYX Cosmetics

Thank the beauty goddesses for NYX Cosmetics; with all the quality of a pro brand a some gloriously low prices, NYX is our go-to whenever we want some beauty on a budget. NYX says its palette ($22, NYX Cosmetics) is made specifically for smokey eyes, but with the bronzey nudes along with the brighter colors there is no limit to what you can do! And this palette doesn't just have some great nudes, dark taupes, blues and purples. It also comes with 3 blushes, 3 face shadows, 4 concealers, 16 lip colors, 12 glitter eye creams and 1 black eyeliner. Yeah, you can do your entire face for just $22.

Now go forth, and shadow my beauty loving friends!


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