Camila Cabello Explains the Struggle to Keep Her Relationships Private

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We all know that being in the public eye makes it very difficult to keep personal stuff...well...personal. Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello is doing her best to maintain some privacy, but admits it's difficult.

Oh, and the way she talked about it? Everyone thinks she may be low key confirming that she's dating Shawn Mendes (even though they both deny it).

Camila recently chatted with Teen Vogue, explaining that she's "learned that I don't want to be as open or public about relationships anymore. In my first relationship, I thought I could hold on to the normalcy of just being like 'Yeah, we're dating,' just like if it were high school and I was telling my friends.' But in high school, there aren't articles written everywhere when you break up and you don't have everyone in the school coming up to you and asking what happened or sharing their opinion with you. It didn't feel like ours anymore, it felt like everybody else's."

She added, "I love that nobody knows who ["I Know What You Did Last Summer"] is about and I don't have to get asked about this guy in interviews. After that, I dated other people that nobody even knows I ever hung out with, because I didn't want there to be any tweets or selfies or pictures of us holding hands because I wanted it to be just mine and that person's."

Hmmm...this is where everyone is guessing she's talking all about Shawn, as she explained: "If there were to be tweets or pictures of us, it would be because I was with that person for a while and the relationship was really special and strong enough."

You know, she and Shawn have been in plenty of pics together and tweet cute and flirty things all the time, but even in this interview, she says: "He's not just a friend when it's easy or convenient, but he's there when it's hard, too."

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