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Dancember Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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If you are a YouTuber fan like me, you MUST have watched or at least noticed the adorable, most humble family who are daily vloggers on the itsjudyslife YouTube channel. I'm such a big fan of the family, not only because they are so loving and great parents to three adorable kids, but also because they do an amazing charity incentive during the month of December, which is called Dancember.

Every year, for the whole month of December, Benji and Judy Travis team up with a nonprofit organization, and through a website, people can donate money (even as little as $5) and help the charity that they are working with for that year. Since it's called Dancember, for every daily vlog in that month, they insert a short clip of people dancing (this year we're seeing a lot of Benji's dad showing his cool moves, well we see that almost every year).

This year, they are donating all the money to the Convoy of Hope Children's Feeding Initiative, a nonprofit organization that helps feed the children and provide them a better and healthy lifestyle. To also help reach their goal, each year they do a 24-hour live broadcast where they dance and make live interviews with other YouTubers, play games and also have guest appearances. I can't contain my excitement because every year I'm always checking on them and watching different YouTubers, helping and making this live broadcast a success. Their broadcast will be on December 18, starting at 3 p.m., so get your popcorn ready, guys!

As Judy said when announcing their video, this 24-hour live broadcast helps it reach people from around the world because no matter where you live, you'll be able to tune in and enjoy this fun event. Being from Malta and since there are different time frames, I really do appreciate their thought because even though I live far away, I'm still enjoying it as if I am with them dancing and enjoying the fun.

Watching how this incentive helps so many people in need is something amazing, and I applaud this family for doing this incentive since they are successful and can reach a large audience. I wouldn't do a whole article on this if it wasn't for a good cause and if it's not about something I truly believe in. Please go ahead and donate for those in need this Christmas and lets make a better Christmas for someone special: www.prizeo.com/dancember.

P.S. There are prizes to be won, so what are you waiting for really?
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