The First 'Fuller House' Teaser is Here and We Have Questions

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Life is full again — or fuller, especially since Netflix released an official teaser for the Full House spinoff Fuller House. The 13-episode series premieres Feb. 26 and will revolve around the lives of the original series' DJ Tanner and her beloved BFF Kimmy Gibbler, along with one of TV's spunkiest little sisters, Stephanie. Fans have uncontrollably spiraled into a nostalgic whirlwind ever since the show was confirmed, and TBH, this super brief teaser won't provide much relief.

How rude, Netflix. We definitely have questions.

For example, who's this new dog waiting in the Tanners old San Francisco digs? Is he/she related to Comet? (We hope so.) Lastly, we can only presume that those voices we hear on the other side of the door belong to DJ, Steph and Kimmy.

Assumptions aside, here's one sure thing about this brief, vague trailer — we feel like total saps after watching it. Blame it on nostalgia, the fact that Michelle won't appear on Fuller House, or maybe Miranda Lambert playing in the background, which suddenly made us realize just how much we missed this show.

Bottom line is this elusive trailer totally isn't cutting it. The streaming service doesn't have Full House on its lineup, so we'll be forced to survive the next two months on memories and GIFs. And if things get bad enough, we'll be forced to watch Lifetime's Unauthorized Full House Story.

On second thought, maybe not.

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