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How I Overcame my Doubts and Started a YouTube Channel

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I decided to make a YouTube channel! My channel name is fishtankswimmer, a username that I have become attached to, since it has been my Tumblr URL for years.This is exciting, yet terrifying. I always wanted to start making videos, but I always had negativity holding me back. All these thoughts clogged my brain - thoughts like, you're not pretty enough, you're not funny enough, why would anyone watch you, you're not interesting.

These are all normal insecurities everyone might have. I kept comparing myself to all the YouTubers I watched. They seemed perfect. I would always question, Can a YouTube fan become a YouTuber? The answer is, yes. I finally decided do what I want to do. If people do not like me, so what? I am still having fun.

Those negative thoughts actually helped me make my YouTube "About" bio. My bio is, "I'm not a beauty guru, I'm not a lifestyle expert, I'm not funny, and I'm no storyteller. I'm just a person with a camera, trying to do it all." This about page is a reminder to myself. Just because I think I am average does not mean that I cannot achieve my goals. I am branding myself as myself. I am not trying to be a character online, and I am definitely not trying to hide anything with editing. I'm just Sam. I am just trying to do the random things I love and learning while doing it. Just like the viewers at home, we will learn and grow together.

As Harry Styles once said, "A dream is only a dream until you decide to make it real." I decided to try to make it real. I could fail, but I cannot say I did not try.
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