Netflix Is Getting Better (Because Apparently It's Possible)

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If you're a human being living in 2015 (and, umm, I'm going to assume you are) you're likely obsessed with Netflix. It's hard not to be enthralled by something that streams pretty much everything that you love with just the touch of a button, and now, Netflix is promising an even better experience for its already loyal viewers. That's sort of like saying you're going to make chocolate taste better, but hey: I'm totally on board.

According to Uproxx, Netflix wants to improve the streaming quality of its programs in 2016. How are they doing it? By taking every single episode, movie, and original program available on their site and re-coding it so it is at an optimized visual quality while using significantly less data.

Before, Netflix gave every show what they deemed an "acceptable" streaming quality, one that didn't use too much bandwidth to watch. That might be fine for a simple show like Family Guy (where visuals aren't super important) but a movie like The Dark Knight definitely loses some of its pizzazz with lower-quality visuals. It's sort of like handing out a medium-sized shirt to a group of people and hoping it works on everyone - definitely not an ideal situation.

Now, Netflix is re-encoding all of these things by hand so that the quality of the file matches the appropriate visuals. The re-encoding means that Netflix will use less overall data, and help improve your basic experience by making the important stuff sharper and your streaming faster.

This new development just proves one thing: we're definitely not going to be breaking our Netflix addiction in 2016.
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