Netflix Has Invented Smart Socks That Literally 'Know When You're Awake'

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Netflix loves to turns its viewers into makers, if the "Netflix and chill" button that dropped a few months ago was any indication.

Now, it's introducing a pair of socks that can sense when you've fallen asleep and will pause your Netflix show, so you never have to guess how far into an episode you were ever again. But Netflix doesn't want you to just HAVE the socks...they want you to MAKE them, which involves a little bit of knitting and a little bit of electronics building. How very #BUILTBYGIRLS, Netflix!

According to Business Insider, the socks are powered by actigraphy, which uses an accelerometer to detect when you are still, assumedly because you've fallen asleep. There's a little LED light on the sock cuff that flashes red when you haven't moved in a while (which we guess would happen quite often, at least for us) to warn you that it's about to pause your show. If you move, the show will keep playing.

Netflix has created a bunch of adorable knitting patterns inspired by some of its most popular series, like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (emblazoned with a glass of Pinot Noir), Marvel's Jessica Jones (a camera) and Master of None (a taco, YAS).

According to Netflix, here's what you will need to make the kit (in addition to the socks, of course): Arduino micro controller, IR LEDs, LED indicator light, battery, momentary button, accelerometer and 12x12 piece of felt.

Sure, sounds complicated. But was being a maker ever easy? We say give it a shot and see if you like building things!


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