Airlines to Offer Cheap AF 'Last Class' Seats — With a Catch

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Just when you thought the most uncomfortable flying scenario involved being smashed in the middle seat between a passenger who snores loud AF and a cranky baby, there's a new airline travel change that will probably cause you to groan aloud (we totally did).

Brace yourselves for "last class" airline seats, which already sound like they'll live up to their crappy name. According to Elite Daily, last class refers to unassigned seats in an area of the plane where space is limited (as if seating isn't already tight enough). In this case, airfare is definitely cheaper but it comes at a pretty steep cost last class tickets are non-refundable and they can't be exchanged.


Delta has already jumped on the last class bandwagon with their "basic seats" (ZOMG we absolutely cannot with that name) and American Airlines plans to start the New Year off by making the cheap seats available for sale.

This honestly makes us appreciate the oftentimes crappy conditions of flying coach, but that still doesn't make these last class seats sound any more appealing.
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