OMG! These People Skyped Their Parents While They Were Skydiving

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'Surprise, mom and dad, I'm about to jump out of a plane!' That's basically the call these parents got from their adult children, who were traveling to Sydney, Australia and decided to go skydiving.

In the video, posted by Hostelworld, the travelers were told that they were going to be going skydiving that day, but there was one catch - they had to call their parents during the feat.

"We all know it's normal to call your parents whilst traveling, usually from the comfort of a hostel or cafe. But why not share your travel adventures with them first hand?" the video description asks.

Well, these travelers didn't see any reason why not! As for their parents, their reactions ranged from pure confusion to fear and, actually, excitement.

"It was totally worth it to see the reaction on their face," one of the skydivers recalls after it was all said and done.

Looks like everyone had a great time!
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