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How to Score Tickets to a Sold-Out Adele Concert

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I am an avid concert goer, so I know when tickets go on sale at 10 a.m., that means have your computer, iPad and phone on the ticket website up at at least 9:30 a.m. waiting to refresh at 10 a.m. in hopes one of them doesn't freeze.

The thought of purchasing concert tickets gives me anxiety. Honestly it's such a build-up for three reasons: One being able to purchase decent tickets, two, being able to buy okay tickets, or three, not getting to buy any at all. After all of these years, I've learned that you might as well buy the tickets that pop up regardless of where the seats are because you'll be attending and seeing your favorite artist live and it doesn't get much better than that.

As many of you know, Adele tickets went on sale Friday, December 17, and it was absolute insanity. Tickets selling out in record timing. Are we surprised? Not at all, Adele has been shattering records left and right. I was one of the lucky people to grab a pair of Adele tickets for Philadelphia, and OMG, the shaking that was happening when I was trying to put in my information was scary because you know how they time you? Like, if I am trying to purchase concert tickets, please do not put extra pressure on me when I'm trying to type my credit card number in! Obviously, I am here for these tickets, if I was able to secure some, yes, I will be purchasing them, so please give me more than two minutes to fill out my information! I could not even believe I got them and having them be actual decent seats is a plus. I'm so grateful but feel angry because of the whole situation.

What needs to be talked about is the amount of people who purchase the tickets to raise the price -aka scalpers. Please tell me who is going to spend $4,000 on a seat where there is an obstructed view? Yes, $4,000. I can't imagine back in the day how you bought concert tickets because nowadays, it really is like The Hunger Games, and it's sad that the majority of people who walk away with tickets are people who are uninterested in going. I know Ticketmaster/Live Nation tried to be slick and add those "captcha" things where you have to add the letters and numbers, but that isn't going to stop a human who is going to purchase the maximum limit of tickets to resell them. That is no help at all, computers aren't buying the tickets and reselling them. They are actual human beings. It's annoying when you have to constantly type in a captcha because they think I'm a robot, like really?

All I know is that Ticketmaster and Live Nation and all of the other ticket selling websites need to step their game up so actual fans can attend these concerts because even though it might be "sold out," there is absolutely no one who is going to spend an absurd amount of money for seats that are not very good. People wait until the day of the concert to see if the ticket prices go down. Sometimes they do; sometimes they don't. (I actually got a $100 One Direction ticket for $30 on the day of the concert.)

To the fans who actually deserve to go and don't want to spend over $300, wait until the day of the show, even like an hour before. It's scary because you never know what'll happen, but who knows, if the person needs to get rid of the tickets fast they'll lower the price when it gets closer to the date of the show, which for me is in like nine and a half months anyway. Keep your eye out' I'm rooting for you to get 'em!
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