This Smart Friendship Bracelet is What Every Girl Needs in Her Life

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If you've struggled with devising a way to keep bae from reading those embarrassing text messages you exchange with your BFF, there's a cool new way you can communicate with your bestie on the low.

Enter the Gemio, a fashionable, fleeky bracelet that honestly sounds like way too much fun to be a simple accessory. But that's because it's not as Seventeen reports, the bracelet is on some seriously high-tech ish that has us thinking about ordering up a pair or three.

For starters, the Gemio has its own app that does all types of cool stuff like helping you change the print to suit your particular personality needs (*insert praise hands emoji*). Oh, and if you're just not feelin' your color, it's totally NBD. Its interchangeable parts make it easy to swap hues with a friend or you can use the app to create a signature print.
Additionally, the Gemio emits vibration messages, has lights that correspond with the beat of music and something that has us ready to spend all of our hard-earned money the ability to sync up with a friend's bracelet.

The Gemio doesn't hit stores until spring 2016, but the bracelets are available for pre-order on the company website. They retail for $120, but customers who order by Dec. 31 will get a considerable price break at $80.

If you need to step your wearable tech game up, this certainly isn't a bad place to start.
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