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13 Reasons College Is Like Childhood

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Most people think that going to college means growing up, but, ironically, it feels like the opposite. College feels like being a little kid all over again. Here are 13 reasons college is like childhood!
1. You have nap-time
You take extensive naps at random times throughout the day.

2. You sleep-in
Sleeping-in until 1 p.m. is completely normal. That's just how college goes.

3. You have no money
Nothing is more awkward than calling your parents (who already pay your tuition) to ask for money, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and you're #brokeaf.

4. You can't drive
You want to leave the campus? Good one. You're stranded there, and the only way home is if your parents come and get you.

5. You don't care about your appearance
*wakes up 10 minutes before class starts and throws on a T-shirt with college logo, sweatpants and skips brushing hair/putting on makeup*

6. You have a lot of free time
You spend a lot of time just sitting around in your dorm either on your laptop or chilling with friends.

7. You throw temper tantrums as a means of communication
You have a research paper to write, 50 pages to read and a lab report all due tomorrow. Instead of getting started on your work, you throw a temper tantrum to release your stress.

8. You miss your mom
Sometimes you just need to call your mom because it gets lonely without her.

9. You despise bath-time
Bath-time in college consists of going in a tiny shower with grimy flip-flops, and water pressure that's lower than your GPA. Yuck!

10. You watch TV shows all day

Lying in bed and watching That '70s Show for eight hours is the typical day for a college student.

11. You eat whatever you want
Minion mac 'n' cheese and pizza bagels sound good for dinner tonight.

12. You don't want to eat the food they give you
Those shriveled-up carrots from the dining hall don't look appealing at all.

13. You know nothing about life
Going to the post office, the bank or even doing your laundry are all foreign concepts to you.
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