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22 Reasons 'Spongebob' Is Like Life as a College Student

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1. You procrastinate
2. You think you do well on tests, but end up doing awful
3. After taking an exam, you immediately forget all of the information you learned
4. You can barely stay awake in class
5.You have regular breakdowns
6. You party hard
7. You're broke
8. Since you're broke, when you do have money, you really treasure it
​9. You have the best laughs with your friends
10. You act really immature with your friends
11. You have toned legs from walking long distances around campus
12. You get annoyed by people very easily
13. You have a crush on someone who will never like you back
14. You never get enough sleep
15. You feel like you've aged 50 years since starting college
16. Sometimes you go insane, and are deprived of sunlight because you spend so much time studying inside
17. You eat whatever you want
18. You have a hard time working out
19. You don't care about people's opinions anymore
20. Sometimes you consider dropping out
21. Sometimes you just really want to go home
22. But overall, you really love college and are just so happy with life

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