Farrah Abraham Gave Her Daughter Some Very Important Advice About Fame

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Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia has so much personality that at just six years old, she's pretty much become a star in her own right.

Farrah has obviously noticed Sophia's growing fan club and has already started teaching her daughter how to handle her fame. In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Farrah was asked if Sophia is aware of her star status and she explained that she thinks she already knows, but she's trying to make her very aware of it.

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She also said that people recognize her a lot when they're out and there was one very important thing she taught her about interacting with her fans, that we actually thought was really cool.

"Sophia is so quick to be like, 'I don't wanna take a photo,' or, 'I don't really want to talk to them,'" she explained. "She's loving and she's kind and she's giving, and I understand that there's a lot of people on us a lot of time and it's a lot of giving, but I also want her to know that these people probably waited hours to meet her. These people traveled a whole day to get here. So it's just really helping her be more, I guess, empathetic, with her fans, and really knowing what they're going through to meet her."

Wow, that is really humble and a really nice gesture for the fans because while celebrities being approached happens all day, every day, to the person approaching them, it's a really big deal.

Oh, and for what it's worth, Sophia is as much of a superstar in her daily life as she is when it comes to her fame. "She shines when she's in her class," the proud mom gushed. "She was Ms. Fashionista of the Year last year. She's a super kid. She wins her super kid awards every week." Go Soph!
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