7 Types of Guys You Meet on Dating Apps

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Whether you're doing online dating (or an app) right now, or you've done it in the past, most of us have tried it at one point or another during our single lives...and encountered these seven types of guys. 

1. The Accidental Catfish: They probably didn't mean for their pictures to be so deceiving, but they seriously look NOTHING like they did in their pics. 


2. The "Soul Mate": This person has decided you guys are soul mates before you even go on your first date. And then, if things don't work out, you have to go through a long, drawn-out breakup with someone you literally met once. 

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3. The Pen Pal: He's got a ton to say on email, but once you suggest talking on the phone, or actually meeting up in person, he somehow finds a way to bring it back to the text/email scenario. 

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4. The Unsolicited D**k Pic Guy: You didn't ask for it, but he sent it, anyway. Let's just start with "hello," buddy. 


5. The Ghost: You're talking to him, things are going great and suddenly he ghosts you.

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6. The Group Photo Guy: This guy has a ton of pictures, but they're ALL group pictures (large groups!) and you have to try to look at every single picture and figure out which person appears in all of them. 


7. The One: Yep, we've heard tons of stories of people who have found "the one" through online dating sites and/or apps. So, if that's what you're looking for, there IS hope! 



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