7 Mascara Mistakes We're All Guilty of Making

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For many of us, our mascara wand is the most trusted tool in our makeup kit. It can instantly open eyes and add a touch of put-togetherness on our most lazy of days. But as much as we adore our favorite wand, there are quite a few things we tend to get wrong when it comes to application. No matter how magical your favorite tube of mascara may seem, it won't do the work for you. One wrong move will leave you with black, clumpy flakes gathering beneath your eyes, causing you to look like a slightly insane raccoon. To avoid the dreaded mascara mishap where you have no choice but to remove all of your eye makeup and start over, here are some mistakes to be aware of when dealing with your most trusty beauty possession.

1. Pumping Your Mascara Wand

It may seem like the way to get the most product on your wand, while smoothing out clumps in the formula but by consistently pumping your wand, you're only making matters worse. According to Allure, pumping your wand will only add more air inside of the mascara tube causing more clumps and flakes. And guess where those clumps and flakes will wind up?
Mascara Brushes

2. Using Old Mascara

As much as you want to hold onto your favorite wand and save your money from investing in another one, mascara wands need to be thrown out more frequently than you think. Allowing a mascara wand to sit in your makeup kit for longer than 3 months will cause bacteria to grow, which can lead to redness, itchiness, and even pink eye. The last thing you want is an eye infection. Ew.

3. Forgetting to Curl Your Lashes

If you have particularly stubborn lashes, or just want to get the most out of your mascara, don't forget to curl beforehand! Good Housekeeping says curling your eyelashes will instantly make eyes appear bigger and more open. It also helps create better length and curl than a mascara wand will do on its own.

4. Not Mastering the Wiggle

In case you don't know, simply swiping mascara through your lashes isn't enough to hold curl, or add length. If you want to truly make your lashes on fleek, it's important that you wiggle your mascara throughout your lashes starting from root to tip. Forgetting those roots means that you won't have a firm base to hold your curl throughout the day. And wiggling the product in ensures you get more formula on your lashes, which means more volume.
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5. Forgetting to Wipe Off Your Wand

Bustle points out that when you take your wand out of the mascara tube, you have way more product than you need already on it. To make sure the formula doesn't clump on your lashes, wipe a bit of the formula off onto a paper towel before beginning your application. You can always add more if you need to, but it's a lot harder to take off what you've already put on.

6. Not Going for the Waterproof Formula

Waterproof formulas are not only great for long-lasting, bullet-proof wear, they have a way of holding curl that other formulas do not. If your lashes are particularly straight and you want them to hold curl longer, always opt for the waterproof formula. Other formulas have a tendency to make freshly curled lashes fall anyway.

7. Putting on Too Many Coats

When it comes to applying your mascara, two coats is more than enough. Any more than that will cause the formula to become clumpy and dry, which will leave you with a strange, crunchy look. If you're looking to add volume, always opt for a volume-specific formula and then wiggle the brush through your lashes. This should be enough to create the drama you're hoping for.


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