How to Clean Your Beauty Blender Easily

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It's no secret that the beauty blender is one of the best makeup products out there. It's shape helps to get into every nook and cranny on your face, and the material allows for an even, seamless glow you can't get with a brush. But, the more you use your beauty blender, the more its bright pink color tends to fade into a dingy, tan mess that could affect application and possibly give you acne. For a while we were completely stumped on how to clean our favorite little sponge. Do you just wash it with some brush cleaner and hope all of the stains come out?

It turns out washing your beauty blender is a tad bit different than washing your brush, but can still be equally as easy. Rather than purchasing the expensive soap Beautyblender sells to accompany its sponge, try these simple and inexpensive hacks to restore your beauty blender back to its own natural beauty.

1. The Baby Wash Trick

If you don't mind spending a few minutes cleaning out your beauty blender at the sink, Beauty Blogger Sarah Rae Vargas has some tips for you. Taking a baby moisture wash, Sarah dabs some soap onto the areas of her sponge most heavily saturated with foundation. She then works the baby shampoo into the sponge, running it under water and wringing it every so often to try and remove some of the product. To get even more of the foundation out of the sponge, Sarah rubs the beauty blender in a circular motion around the palm of her hand, and continues to do so until no more product winds up on her hand. Adding a bit more soap, Sarah then does rubs the other side of the sponge against her hand, rinses it and squeezes her beauty blender of any excess moisture.

And that's all it takes to get every little bit of product out of your beauty blender!

2. Leaving it Over Night

If you don't have the time or patience to spend at your sink, Beauty Blogger Will Doughty has another super simple hack to try for your fave sponge.

In his video, Will uses the soap Beautyblender sells, but he also notes that you can use baby soap, or dish soap if you want. Taking a mug, some of the soap, the dirty beauty blender and some water, Will adds two small amounts of soap to the mug and fills the mug with water. He then submerges the beauty blender inside the mug, being sure to saturate the sponge with the soapy water. Leaving it over night, Will takes his beauty blender out the next day, and kneads it through his hands as he runs it through the sink. To get rid of any stubborn residual stains, Will takes olive oil and works it deeper into the sponge, rinsing it out and wringing it dry.

Voilà, your beauty blender is squeaky clean and ready to use for a fresh application!


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