Olivia Culpo Would Fit Right in Taylor Swift's Squad

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Olivia Culpo would fit right in Taylor Swift's squad. She loves to bake, do crafts and is all about giving back. (It's no wonder Tay and Olivia have hung out!)

Olivia teamed up with ShoeDazzle for a special event to raise money for Project Sunshine, a nonprofit organization that provides free educational, recreational and social programs to children and families living with medical challenges. We talked to Olivia at the event about giving back, her style, her dream to have her own fashion line and more. Check out our Q&A below.

Cambio: Why did you want to be a part of this event going on here today?
Olivia Culpo: ShoeDazzle is donating money to a charity of my choice and I chose Project Sunshine which I've work with for a number of years. It's a nonprofit organization that provides recreational, education, arts and social services for children with serious medical conditions, as well as their families and I've worked with them for a number of years and they're just continuing to grow and grow and the work that I do with them is primarily going into the hospitals, spending a day with a sick child or a group of children. Coloring with them, talking with them. It's just kind of sharing memories together and making them feel outside of their current situation which is usually not too great.

Cambio: How did you first start working with Project Sunshine?
Olivia: When I was Miss USA and Miss Universe, I worked a lot with them in New York and they have branches all over the world now. They're in over 175 cities. There are over 250 hospitals that they work with.

Cambio: So many people follow you on Instagram for style inspiration. Where do you look for style inspiration?
Olivia: Ooo, that's a good one! I do enjoy Instagram browsing for my fashion trends and advice. I really like Net-A-Porter, which is just a clothing online website, but their Instagram is fascinating, because they layout outfits and you can find exactly what the brands are. There's usually a link that you can go to buy it and they really are just so on point with the latest trends, so I love that. I also love looking at the Harper's Bazaar Instagram. I love looking at some of the more blogger type Instagrams like keepcalmthinkfashion. Other magazines like Vogue and Allure. I could go on forever. It's a passion of mine.

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Cambio: Have you ever thought about designing your own clothing line?
Olivia: I do, actually. All the time I'm sketching or thinking of things that I would want to create or doing weird tailoring things with my own clothes. So, that's definitely in the pipe line for me. I would love to someday have my own line.

Cambio: What's one of your must-have beauty products?
Olivia: A must-have beauty product would have to be the Anastasia Brow Wiz. It's hands down the best brow manicuring device. It's a great product.

Cambio: Are you making any New Year's resolutions?
Olivia: I haven't thought about it, yet, but every year around New Year's what I do like to do is reflect on the past year and in a jar, it's called a Wish Jar, you put in everything you're so thankful for that happened in the previous year along with what you hope to happen next year. So that's a fun project that I do with my girlfriends and my sisters every New Year time that I think people should do. It's really fun! You have the jar all year round and you can kind of see how you're doing, pick out a wish each day and see if you got it, yet.
#GivingTuesdayShoeDazzle Hosted By Olivia Culpo Benefiting Project SunshineCambio: What's your favorite holiday activity?
Olivia: I love crafts and I love baking, so I love to bake cookies and host holiday parties. And also I love to do crafts like coloring or my friends and I do card making parties, where you sit around and make cards! They can be super silly, but you just grab a bottle of wine and a bunch of friends and you make obnoxious cards for each other or for other people for the holiday season and it's fun.

Cambio: As a former Miss USA and Miss Universe, so many young girls look up to you. What's one piece of advice you have for young girls?
Olivia: There's so much advice that I would give to them, but I think today with social media and all the pressure girls feel to fit some criteria and mold, I would say that it really is important to learn to embrace your difference and love the things that make you who you are that are different from other people and just the more you decide to nurture those things, the more valuable they really will become and the more comfortable you will feel in your own skin.

Cambio: Speaking of social media, how do you deal with haters on social media?
Olivia: I've decided and learned that you can't take what people say online seriously. It's a handful of people that don't know you and are hiding behind computer screens and that's exactly what I would advise anybody else who has a hard time dealing with online bullying, just know that it's not real life. It's somebody who doesn't know you and they're hiding behind a computer screen.

Find more info on Project Sunshine here.


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