Backstage at DigiTour with Sammy Wilk and Kenny Holland

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Sammy Wilk, Kenny Holland and Alex Lee (aka Alex from Target) are three social media stars who went on one of this winter's two DigiTour SlayBells nationwide tours. Sammy and Kenny are both singers who found their Internet fame through posting videos on Vine, but in 2015, social media fame can literally come in an instant. That's exactly how it happened for Alex from Target.

In case you need a refresher, Alex was just a normal high schooler working at a Target in Texas when a teen shopper decided to post a pic of him online, because she thought he was cute. He now has 1.9 Million Instagram followers.

"The craziest part is all of the people that came out of nowhere. Nobody really knew me before. People at school knew me, but not really anybody else and then so many people knew me across the world. That was weird," said Alex. "That's probably the weirdest part."

Sammy and Kenny also both know what it's like to have fans from all around the world. Sammy has 1.5 million Instagram followers and Kenny has 1.2 million. We talked to Sammy, Kenny and Alex backstage at DigiTour SlayBells about their fave holiday traditions and what fans can expect from them in 2016. Check out our Cambio Q&A below.

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What can fans expect when they come out to a DigiTour Slaybells show?

You can expect some cool music. I know there's a few performers before me like Mahogany LOX, Grant Landis, Kenny Holland goes right before me, so that's really cool. He's a really talented dude. But really just a lot of music. Alex from Target is here so he does like some funny stuff on stage. If you're a music fan, come out and listen and hang out.

Kenny: I think they can expect to get super wild, especially for my set. I like to totally rock out as hard as possible and I like to get everyone involved with me. There's a lot of awesome other performers, so yeah it's definitely a good time. You're gonna wanna come out and see.

Alex: They can expect to have fun, because this is the best tour ever! It's amazing. I've been on two DigiTours before. The best part is how the fans react. It's really cool seeing how they react.
What part of this tour are you most excited about?

Kenny: Well I'm out here with one of my boys, Sammy Wilk. He's one of my good friends here in the scene and it's just a blast to come out here, do what you love every night for amazing fans with awesome people. It's just like, dream come true. I love it so much.

Alex: I am most looking forward to going to all these different cities, because I really like traveling. I really want to see how different they all are, because some of these cities I haven't been to.

Sammy: I'm just glad to be back on the road. I was off the road for I feel like five or six months. I'm just happy to be back and meet everybody. It was a long time waiting for them, so I'm just ready to meet everybody and perform my new music, kind of just get back into the swing of things.
Do you and your family have any holiday traditions?

Sammy: I guess we're all living out in LA now, so that's cool, but what it used to be when we were all kids was we would all sleep in the same room Christmas Eve and family would come over on Christmas eve and we would all hang out and exchange gifts, and then we would all go to bed in the same room together. So like we would watch each other so we wouldn't see Santa and then we would wake up way too early. I would wake up first always at like 5:30am and wake them all up be like, "Alright, you guys ready to go?" And then we would go to my parent's room and wake them up and be like, "Yo, Santa came I think, can you check?" And then my dad would literally get coffee and go to the bathroom for probably like 20 minutes just to mess with us and make us wait longer to see the presents. And then we'd go to a movie on Christmas day and just go to church and chill.

Kenny: I've actually only been to my house in Arizona one year for Christmas and every other year me and my family go to California. That's what we usually do, so I always go to California and my mom's the oldest of 11 kids, so we have a huge family, we eat tons of food. We have presents. It is a blast. So that's kind of the tradition.

Alex: We kind of just do whatever we're feeling. That's the beauty of it. That's my family.

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What's coming up for you in 2016?

Sammy: I have a new project coming out on Jan. 20th. That's like the tentative date. It's a new sound, because I started off with hip hop music and this is more like reggae induced hip hop pop music. And I'm much more passionate about this music so I'm really stoked for everybody to hear it. I'm performing all the new music on tour right now, so if you guys want to hear it you guys can come on tour and listen to it if you don't want to wait. I am also in the process of hoping to get over to Europe and South America. I really want to get overseas and share my music and meet people. It'd be cool.

Kenny: 2016 is going to be a huge year. Lots of new music. I'm really focusing on rebranding and relaunching myself as an artist right now. They'll kind of see what I've been working on super hard for the last few months. I'm really excited for them to see what's coming.


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