This Virtual Reality Machine Shows You What It's Like to Be a Different Gender

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Imagine if you could switch genders for a day or even an hour, just to understand what it's like? If everyone could identify with the opposite gender, the world might be a lot kinder.

The BeAnotherLab has created an experiment called "Gender Swap," using The Machine to Be Another system. The lab refers to it as "embodiment experience," a neuroscience technique that allows you to imagine what it's like to be in someone else's body. Cool.

Two participants in the project - one male and one female - wear first-person cameras that record live video feeds. Simultaneously, they each wear an Oculus Rift headset that streams the other person's feed, so it seems like their genders have been swapped. The participants also have to synchronize their movements in order for the experience to be realistic. You've been warned: This video is NSFW.

Gender Swap - Experiment with The Machine to Be Another from BeAnotherLab on Vimeo.

DesignTaxi reports that the project was created in conjunction with MIT in order to explore gender identity, as well as encourage understanding and mutual respect between genders, which is pretty awesome.

Props to BeAnotherLab for creating a smart way for people to learn more about gender identity!
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