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My Sorority Taught Me Unconditional Love

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I never came to college looking for a family. To be quite honest, I thought the whole experience would be extremely and painfully similar to high school, where you just walk around and buy material things to fit in and please people. What I never expected was to find a group of people that would change the way I saw trust, loyalty, and above all else, love.

I've been in and seen the train wrecks that are leftover after relationships. I know the incoherent level of pain we've all experienced when someone decides they don't and will not love you anymore. I know it all. A boy has never shown me unconditional love, but I never thought a group of women could show me what it looks like. In fact, they make unconditional love look easy.

That's why I am thankful to have met and experienced a group of women who promise to take care of me and vice versa no matter the obstacles and challenges we face together. My sorority sisters have never walked away or changed their mind. They stay and see the good and the bad.

My Family
"Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind."
After big/little reveal (that's when an older sorority sister gets a "little" sister), you are fortunate enough to find this person who seems to make everything about you better. It's like a parent meeting her child for the first time. Excitement, wonderment, and the feeling as if nothing has ever felt like this moment in your life takes over. Your big is the first marriage you have. You promise to love, cherish and take care of each other until the end of time. The second marriage is your little.My Class

Your new member class stands with you from the beginning. You meet however many strangers that you experience everything with. They go to the library with you when you need to study. You hang onto each other because no one else quite understands the changes that are happening in your life. They get Chinese food with you at 1 in the morning when you are a stressed hot mess.My Alumni

Most people leave college and never look back. It's only the alumni that remind me that the connection is everlasting. I know that I can always talk to alumni about anything that helps my organization succeed or anything personal that they can always give me perspective on. Time truly tests loyalty. My alumni are living proof this is forever.
My Chapter

There are some horrible, media-influenced rumors going around that we are brainless idiots who follow each other around and are always happy. Well, let me stop you right there because the amount of time we spend together gives us all an ugly side. This life is not like the glitter blow you see on YouTube. I have had arguments with my sisters that are not pretty. Disagreement is actually one of the many real-life applicable skills we get from joining, but the point is despite that we scream across the table at each other is that we will protect our own and do anything to repair our relationships. We forgive and move on because the business aspect doesn't last. The sisterhood and the relationships with the people who pick you up at 3 in the morning when you're stranded at a party or buy you medicine and bring it to your room are most important. Unconditional love is forgiving someone because the bull is not worth the emotional connection you have with a sister.

Finding a love that is unconditional is rare among romantic relationships, but maybe we've just been looking for it in all the wrong places.
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