This App Files Complaints for You - and Gets Results

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Nobody likes dealing with customer service representatives. Whether it's a flight delay, a broken product, or a complaint, dealing with companies on these issues is always a pain. (I can't tell you how many angry tweets I've wasted at airlines.)

That's where Service comes in. The company recently released a mobile app of its product, which takes care of dealing with customer service reps for you. So, instead of hate-tweeting American Airlines about the terrible service you received (along with the multiple delays), the folks over at Service will file the complaint and get a reasonable result for you.

Before this week, Service was only available via the company's website, but with its new iOS release we have the immediate accessibility of the "service" from our phones.

The app will allow users to provide all supporting documentation (photos, receipts, etc.) to their case for Service, giving everything the team at Service needs to advocate on users' behalf in one place. Users can also opt-in for push notifications to get real-time updates on their case.

TechCrunch reports that Service is more like a Yelp or Twitter, providing companies with genuine feedback on the level of service they provided customers, allowing them to get ahead in the game on making necessary changes or improvements. TechCrunch also reports that Service has formed partnerships with companies Uber and GoDaddy, giving them a more strategic level of support - saving Service users a whopping $250,000 in the last six months.

Download the app (for free!) and tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh.


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