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Why I Stopped Drinking Soda 5 Years Ago

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Five years ago, I walked into my kitchen, looked at a soda bottle and said, "No more!" It's easy to reach for junk food and sweets, including soda. But like anything else, there are downsides to taking the easy way. I used to drink soda daily with every meal, and it didn't leave me feeling bubbly.

The carbonated drink causes bloating and excess gas. No one enjoys this. After eating, I would naturally have a food baby, but I gained a few more pounds in my mid-section thanks to soda. This was accompanied by burping, which always unexpectedly escaped. There's only so many times a person can say, "Excuse me."

Soda has an excessive amount of sugar. According to Sugarstacks.com, a Coca-Cola liter has 108 grams. That's equal to about 27 sugar cubes. It's easy to get a sugar high and even easier to gain weight by drinking soda daily.

In essence, I chose food over soda. To say I love food is an understatement. I live for pasta, bread, chocolate, seafood, cake and everything else in between. I'm modest with my food intake, not limiting myself to anything but everything in moderation. When I stopped drinking soda, I was able to eat more delicious food without worrying about being completely unhealthy. Although I'm naturally slim, I still want to have balance in my nutrition. My go-to drink now is plain water, preferably straight from the tap.

My family and friends have become accustomed to this automatically offering water or juice. Still there are moments of temptation like this past weekend. On Sunday night, I went to see the much awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the midst of eating popcorn, I was parched and without water. My boyfriend offered me his large-sized soda drink, and I hesitantly moved my lips toward the straw. After taking a tiny sip, I immediately regretted it. In the dark theater, I couldn't help but make a face and shove more popcorn in my mouth to absorb the drink. The carbonated bubbles in my mouth were not tasty and definitely not worth going to the dark side for.
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