Adele Reveals How Motherhood Has Changed Her

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Adele is with her 3-year-old son all the time, but we never see photographs of him because she chooses to keep him out of the public eye. After all, he hasn't chosen a public life.

"When I'm with my kid, I don't want my kid photographed," she recently said during an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes. "It's hard enough being a kid in general -- imagine growing up and your first kiss...your first cigarette and all that -- if that's how I found out about my child's life, I definitely would never forgive myself."

And while any mom can tell you that being a mother has its challenges, Adele admits that becoming a mother has changed her in a pretty amazing way.

In a new interview with TIME, Adele admits that releasing her new album has meant a pretty hectic promotional schedule, but that having her son there has actually helped her. "The other day I was saying, 'Oh God, I'm finding this really hard again with a kid,'" she told them. "I have no time for myself because in between doing this, all my spare time is with him. But then I realized, he's been keeping me totally cool and calm about the whole thing."
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She also says that becoming a mother has given her more purpose than she's ever felt. "He makes me so proud of myself, and he makes me like myself so much," she says. And while she never didn't like herself, there is a certain amount of pride that comes along with creating a human life. "I'm so proud of myself that I made him in my belly. Cooked him in my belly and then he came out of me! This human who's suddenly walking around and doing his own thing," she continued.

And while she's excited to see who his friends are, who he ends up dating and what his interests will be, Adele says, "Whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him no matter what."

There you have it, reason number 8,183,489 to love Adele!
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