Flyaways 101: How to Get Rid of Pesky Frizz and Static

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Flyaways are one of the most obnoxious hair problems you will ever experience. With those tiny, little hairs sticking up all around your head, it seems nearly impossible to smooth them back down without going through extreme measures. Fortunately, there are solutions, and they don't involve wearing a hat all day to disguise your rampant baby hairs. They're also pretty simple and relatively cheap.

First, it's important to understand what causes flyways. Flyaways tend to be a problem that crops up during the winter, because dry, cold temperatures will often make hair itself drier and more prone to static. As a result, brittle hair will frizz more easily, and respond more intensely to static electricity present in the air. To make sure your hair settles down during the winter, WikiHow has some short-term and long-term solutions.

For the Short-Term
Woman screaming with messy hairIf today happens to be a particularly static-y day and you're having difficulties making hair behave, put some product in your hair to help keep the flyways down. As to which product you should be using, that depends on your hair. If you have fine or medium hair, using a hairspray designed to tame flyaways is enough to keep those little hairs in check. For thicker hair, try a lightweight pomade and spread it over the areas of your hair that have the flyaways. Formulas that aren't too greasy will fix the issue without making your hair look oily.

But if you're really looking for a quick fix and don't have these products at your disposal, rubbing flyaways with a dryer sheet can also help. Because dryer sheets are designed to help tame the static in your clothes, it's the perfect method to help combat static in your hair. You can also try running an ice cube along straying strands to help set them down. Flyaways are usually caused by dryness in your hair, so adding the extra cold moisture could solve the problem ASAP.

For Long-Term
Electrostatic generatorIf flyaways are a problem you're constantly dealing with, you're going to want to fix the cause and not the symptoms. Your first problem is that you're probably washing your hair too much. Flyaways have a tendency to happen when your hair dries out, which is usually a product of shampooing every day. When you shampoo too frequently, you strip your hair of its natural moisture, which makes it susceptible to breakage and frizz. Instead of washing your hair every day, skip the shampoo for two or three days, and then wash it again with a conditioner. Formulas that cater to frizz are also best.

As far as issues with static, you can improve your hair's conductivity by using hair products that have ingredients with the words "quat" or "amine" in them. Unlike silicone or alcohol-based products, these shampoos and conditioners can deal with static head-on. Pun fully intended.


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