What Was the Top New Year's Resolution This Year?

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The thought of New Year's resolutions usually conjures up visions of scale numbers and treadmills. But a recent study proves that while health-related resolutions are the majority, there are some unexpected ones tossed into the mix, too.

Swedish health and fitness app Lifesum conducted what they claim to be the first analysis of New Year's resolutions based on Twitter data. On January 1, 2015, Lifesum analyzed about 90,000 English-language Tweets including the hashtags #NewYearsResolution or #NewYearResolution made between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Not surprisingly, the top trending resolution topic in America was health and fitness at 25 percent. And TBH, who doesn't have some holiday season indulgences to work off this time of year?

What we didn't expect were promises to conserve energy and protect the environment right behind at 24 percent. Other resolutions included learning a new skill at 15 percent, weight loss at 8 percent, cutting back on smoking at 6 percent and socializing at 6 percent.

"For me, it is great to see that in the U.S., people are prioritizing health and fitness above weight loss, with over three times as many tweets focused on improved physical fitness and positive diet changes, rather than on poor body image and dramatic weight loss," says Frida Harju, Lifesum's nutritionist.

She suggests that gradually making small tweaks rather than life-changing decisions will put you on the path to success. 2016, here we come!


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