Finally, All of Our Boob Questions Answered in One Video

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When it comes down to it, our boobs are probably the greatest and most amazing human anomaly. As much as we love our lady lumps, there are about a million questions we've had since puberty about why breasts do what they do, and most importantly, if we're normal. For example, we've always wanted to know why one boob always seems to be bigger than other. Does that happen with everyone? Is there a reason we even have boobs? And why do guys have nipples if they're not using them?

Well, ladies all of questions have finally been answered, thanks to the good people at AsapScience. In their latest Science of Boobs video, AsapScience explores just about everything our lovely jumblies can do and why they do them, freeing us from forever having to clear our Google search history of some of our more embarrassing questions.

And when we say that AsapScience explains everything, we mean everything. For instance, you know that burning question about why some people's boobs are bigger than others that your mom could never quite answer? Well, it turns out that there lis a correlation between breast size and weight, but genetics play a pretty heavy role in determining how big your boobs will be by the end of puberty. And don't worry, you're not the only one whose boobs aren't exactly symmetrical. Over 50 percent of women have one boob that is bigger than the other, and statistically, that boob is usually the left.

But your boobs also change sizes each week.

Yeah, that happens, and we didn't even know it.

Because of the influx of hormones that happen throughout your menstrual cycle, your boobs will actually change in size throughout the course of the month. But to be honest, we've never actually noticed this happening (unfortunately).

And speaking of changing your boob size, it seems that breast augmentation is really popular throughout the world. Because most people (women included) have a preoccupation with looking at larger breasts, breast augmentation is the single largest cause for plastic surgery in the U.S., with 300,000 people getting a boob job in 2014 alone. Luckily though, big boobs aren't everyone's favorites; stats show that most people find medium-sized breasts to be most attractive.


To find out more about why your boobs are the most amazing body part ever, watch the video above!


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