This New App Will Deliver Your Birth Control in Less Than 24 Hours

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Have you ever gotten to the last two pills in your birth control pack and had a mini freak-out because you forgot to refill your prescription? You're not alone.

Now, there's a new app that will help prevent those end of the pack panic attacks: Nurx, which will deliver your birth control pills, patches or rings to your door within 24 hours. If you have insurance, the service is free and if you don't, fees for the delivery start at $15.

"Access to birth control is still a major issue," Nurx co-creator Hans Gangeskar told MTV News. "Oftentimes, women have to take off work, visit the doctor, then visit the pharmacy as well. Nurx helps solve that problem and make it more convenient for women to get their birth control, and with Nurx, we provide a three month supply of birth control instead of the usual one-month supply that's often provided." Which means you no longer have to go through an experience like this at the pharmacy...

Here's how it works: Once you download the app, you fill out a form about your health, your health insurance and select the birth control pills you use. After that, a doctor reviews the info, follows up if there are any questions, then sends the prescription to a pharmacy, which ships the birth control to you.

There's one big catch, though. You can only use the app if you're in California...for now. Co-creators Hans and Dr. Edvard Engesaeth told the outlet they plan to launch the service in New York, Washington State, Washington State and Illinois soon, and want to expand nationwide after that.They also want to offer the same delivery service for emergency contraception and PrEP – an HIV prevention medication. "We were inspired to take action after learning that there are 3 million unintended pregnancies and 50,000 new HIV infections each year in the United States," Gangeskar and Engesaeth explained. "After we came up with the idea, we felt compelled to take action."

And a stellar idea it is. Kudos, guys.


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