Why You Should Use an Eye Cream ASAP

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We totally get it: Some beauty products seem like total scams. Between claims that they can make your skin brighter and smoother, with a high price tag to boot, it's hard to believe that some beauty products are worth incorporating into our routine. Case in point: The eye cream. Not only is it pretty damn expensive for the tiny little pot it usually comes in, it makes a lot of grand claims you're not entirely sure are true.

Well, we're here to tell you that eye creams are a completely necessary part of your routine and totally worth the money you have to spend on them. Without eye creams, an extremely sensitive part of your skin will be more susceptible to long-term damage, and you can nip that in the bud by popping on this specific moisturizer day and night.

Here's why you should be using an eye cream.

The Skin Under Your Eyes is Different

Unlike the rest of the skin on your face, the skin under your eyes happens to be the thinnest layer on your entire body. Because of that, it is extremely sensitive to outside damage and has a tendency to dry more quickly than any other part of you. And since this layer is so thin, it also means you're more likely to experience dark circles and puffiness, and who wants that?
Close up of moisturizer in jarWhat all this boils down to is, you're going to need a special cream for under your eyes. Though moisturizers are great for the rest of your face, the skin under your eyes needs something extra to prevent the damage, and you'll want to find a cream that caters to those needs specifically.

You Will Stop Premature Wrinkles

No matter how young you are, most people have fine-lines settling in under their eyes because of the nature of the skin hanging out there. Unfortunately, this only gets worse over time. Web MD says that with exposure to the sun and your body producing less collagen as you get older, the skin under your eyes is extremely vulnerable to developing wrinkles when the rest of you is still looking youthful. Certain eye creams, however, can help the production of collagen while moisturizing components will help the skin stay hydrated and keep its elasticity.

You'll Help Lessen Sun Damage

Basically, everything you're moisturizing your face with should have SPF and eye cream is no exception. I know that whenever I try to put sunscreen on this area, it gets extremely irritated very quickly, so I avoid sunscreen there altogether. To prevent sun damage which can lead to milia and other issues for this layer of skin, get an eye cream that has SPF. Not only are eye creams soothing, it can stave off the damage that also contributes to wrinkles.

Oh, and be sure to wear those shades when out at the beach.
Young woman applying moisturizer to face, portrait

You Can Diminish Puffiness

You know that lumpy look that happens under your eyes after a long night, or watching a really sad movie? Well, that puffiness is a result of a build up of fluid and blood under the eyes, making you look like you just had a serious allergy attack. If puffiness is a consistent issue for you, eye cream can definitely help! Eye creams with caffeine especially work to restrict blood flow to the area, waking the under-eyes up and taking away any puffiness.

You Can Get Reduce Dark Circles

I don't know about you, but I've struggled with dark circles all my life and my concealer can only go so far. Dark circles are often a result of genetics, but can happen because the thin layer of skin under your eyes doesn't mask blood build-up as well as the rest of your body. To diminish the look of dark circles and give your concealer a break, an eye cream that vitamin C or vitamin B3 can help thicken the layer of skin under your eyes, and reduce the darkness.


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