3 Simple Ways to Get Gorgeous Curls Without Heat

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On most days, our curling iron can be our worst enemy. Between all the time it takes to get those effortless, beach waves and all the damage we do in the process, our curling irons often become the bane of our existence. Not to mention that curling your hair can be downright difficult: Whether you're using a wand, or an old fashioned clamp, burning your fingers or your hair is almost inevitable. We've therefore decided to spare ourselves the aggravation and inevitable brawl with our curling tools, and explore all the methods of curling our hair without heat. Not only are they ten million times easier, most of these techniques you can actually sleep on and wake up the next day with a stunning look that involves minimal work.

Here are our three favorites.

1. The Spiral Curl

If you've got some serious Taylor Swift nostalgia for her former curly haired days, we recommend trying this quick and easy look. To get Tay's former, glorious hair Beauty Blogger Meredith Foster starts off with damp hair and applies leave-in conditioner so that her hair doesn't come out frizzy after sleeping on it. She then adds some argan oil which is part of her usual styling routine and takes out her medium spiral curlers. Her hair is long and thick, and she claims she only needs ten to make this work completely, but we recommend using more if you want tighter curls. With her medium spiral curls, Meredith takes decently thick chunks of hair and wraps them around the curler in a you guessed it spiral. Unlike other curlers, for these you simply need to bend the ends to keep them in place. Meredith then sleeps on the look, and removes the curlers in the AM, applying some hairspray to keep them intact.

That's all it takes for you to be a T.Swift throwback.

2. The Headband Method

If you've been anywhere near Pinterest, you've probably heard of this method before. Not only is it incredibly simple, it's effective for long-lasting curls. Beauty Blogger Abby offers a great tutorial on this, using a sock instead of a headband to make it easier to remove the curls later on. After applying some product to her hair, Abby ties the sock around her head for a hippie-like headband. Then, she takes medium sized chunks of her hair, and sprays each generously with curling spray. With that piece of hair, she weaves it through the headband until the entire piece is spiraled around the length of the headband. She does this until all of her hair has been weaved through the headband, being careful to pin up any loose pieces with bobby pins.

When she's done, she sprays it once again to make sure the curls hold. You can sleep on this look if you want, but Abby waits a few hours and undoes the knot to pull the sock out of her hair. The curls will come out super tight, so shake your head out a bit and loosen them up with your fingers, using more spray to make sure they stay put.

3. The Twist Braid

Braids are a great, no-hassle way to get some bend in your hair, but Beauty Blogger Vivian V swears by the twist braid. Starting off with damp hair, Vivian divides the hair into two sections to create two, separate braids. Then, she takes a piece of hair in the front of her head and separates that into two strands to begin the twist braid. Twisting those pieces together, Vivian takes more hair from the bottom in a similar way to doing a french braid. She continues to do this until that whole section of hair has been incorporated into the braid, and she twists the remaining hair on the bottom into a bun that she pins up. After repeating on the other side, Vivian sleeps on the look and simply unravels it in the AM. After loosening the twist and adding some product, Vivian is ready to go.

We're totes going to try that look!

Let us know your favorite heat-free curl methods by sounding off in the comments below!


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