Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Try to Crack Each Other Up With Insults

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When Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell sit down for a game of insults, it's something no one should miss.

Right before the debut of their new film Daddy's Home on Christmas Day, the actors – who compete as dad vs. stepdad in the flick – took their competition off screen for a battle of wits during a recent appearance on BBC Radio. While there, they squared off for the outlet's playground insults challenge.
"Daddy's Home" - London PremiereAs for how that worked, Mark and Will had to hurl insults at each other try to make each other laugh. Once one of them cracked up, the other was crowned the winner.

While at first things started out rather tame, things quickly took a turn for the petty, as Mark said to Will, "Your hair looks like a Brillo pad that I want to scrub my sac with." Will, was still unshaken, and replied flatly, "You wish you could scrub your sac with my Brillo head if you had a sac...you sacless b*tch."

Not long after that, Mark called Will a "poor man's Mike Myers" and Will went for the jugular. "If I was on a desert island and I had a choice between a Wahlburger and a raw, dead fish, I'd eat the raw dead fish," he said. Wahlburger is the fast food chain that Mark and his family own...so, Will hit him with a low blow.

As for who ended up winning this battle, we won't spoil it for you...especially since these two are comedic gold all the way through this clip.


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