A Look Back at the Things That Almost Broke the Internet in 2015

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Of course, we all remember Kim Kardashian breaking the internet with her super sexy Paper magazine shoot, but 2015 was a LONG year, and there were lots of things that 'broke the internet,' so to speak...

In this amazing Entertainment Tonight video, they take us back through all of the best 'break the internet' moments of 2015 and we have to say, we'd totally forgotten about some of these things!

Like, #TheDress, which still messes with our minds every single time we see it...in fact, we kind of want to leave that one in 2015 because we seriously get a headache whenever we look at that pic!

Let's not forget Ariana Grande's donut-licking disaster, Drake's 'Hotline Bling' and all of the parodies that followed, Kanye West's Presidential ambitions and everything in between!

With all of these internet-breaking moments of 2015, we can't even imagine what 2016 has in store for us!
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