Science Says We Should Be Wearing Red Lipstick Every Day

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We've been in love with the red lip for quite some time - it's classic, fearless, and can take a jeans-and-tee outfit to insta-sassy in matter of seconds. And we've been attempting to get Taylor Swift's signature lip for a while now. So when we heard that there were a few scientific studies that prove - yes - wearing red lipstick is actually good for you!

According to a study by a study conducted by Chanel's R&D division and researchers at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania in 2013, accentuated red lips have been proven to make us look younger over time. As we get older, our skin darkens but our eyes, lips and eyebrows all become paler. When we balance that out with a bold red lip, it flatters our overall complexion and makes our skin glow - think of it as like being a fine wine - we can only get better with age.

Another thing we find ourselves doing when we wear red lipstick is taking more selfies. CoverGirl teamed up with Harvard and surveyed 1,000 women about their lipstick habits - and it turns out that gals who rock the red lipstick on a daily basis take an average of 3 selfies per week, compared to those of us that may opt for the pink or plum hues and post an average of 1 selfie per week. And when we're posting selfies, we feel more confident (see a theme here?) - and red lipstick has also been shown as evidence that the wearer is daring and creative, giving us all the more reason to keep our selfie game strong.

In 2011 Harvard also teamed up with Procter & Gamble for a study regarding women and their lipstick habits in the workplace. Not unlike the study with CoverGirl, they found that women felt more confidence in their place of work when the wore more makeup. They asked over 100 adults to study the photos of women with heavier makeup versus women with light or no makeup and the overwhelming conclusion was that women who wore dark eye makeup and darker lips were seen as more competent. Silly? Perhaps. But it couldn't hurt to rock a daring shade when you're up for that promotion.

If you work in the service industry as a waitress or a barista (shout out to all my espresso-tampin' queens out there), you'll make better tips if you wear red lipstick...but probably only from your male customers, according to a study from the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France. They found that waitresses made more tip money from their male customers - yet there was no change in the way females tipped them with or without lipstick. When the waitresses wore other lip colors they made less tips. A little icky? Maybe.

So if you're already rocking the red hues on your kisser, keep up the great work. Science says it's working for you, gals. Feeling inspired to change it up from your usual pink tones (or if you're like me, uh, usually bare-lipped)? Here's a pretty good place to start for some great shades.


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