4 Reasons to Ditch Your Foundation for a Tinted Moisturizer

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It seems like the world of skin products gets more complicated with each passing day. Between all the creams we supposedly should be using, and the millions of types of makeups that claim to smooth our skin, fight blemishes and give us a natural glow, we're insanely confused. We can't help for long for the days when eye shadow was powder, and foundation was the only way to even out the base of our skin. But now, there are BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers and many other products making our head spin.

Fortunately, we're taking the time to make your next trip to the beauty aisle just a tad bit easier. We recently fell in love with tinted moisturizers and we're going to tell you why you should consider it a beauty staple. Basically, it's the multitasking beauty product we've all been waiting for.
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It's a lot Less Heavy

A tinted moisturizer is exactly what it sounds like: It's a moisturizing cream that has color pigments in it to add a base to your skin. But unlike foundation, tinted moisturizer is a lot lighter of a formula. With most foundations or liquid makeups, a product can be too dense and feel too heavy on the skin. It can also look cakey or oily depending on the ingredients inside. If you're looking for something no-hassle that will even out your skin tone, tinted moisturizers are an amazing option. They're incredibly light and go on very smoothly. However, if your skin needs some serious correcting or you're prone to acne, tinted moisturizers offer less coverage, which is also something to keep in mind.

It Makes Skin Dewy and not Oily

Like your favorite moisturizer, tinted moisturizers have a tendency to give skin that dewy glow we all hope to achieve with as little products as possible. Because it has that hydrating element and that touch of color, tinted moisturizers do a lot to make skin look fresh and youthful without the risk of it looking oily.
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It Helps With Dry Skin

A bit obvious, but important nonetheless. One of the best things about tinted moisturizer is it combines two great, essential products into one. It gives you the even color base of a light foundation while hydrating skin with the moisturizing component. If you're prone to dry skin and your regular moisturizer can only do so much, try adding the tinted moisturizer to your routine. It won't dry you out like a powder foundation and it'll give you that added, hydrating boost your skin craves.

It's Easy to Apply

Unlike foundations, tinted moisturizers can be applied in seconds without having to use any tools. Since the color isn't so extreme, you're less likely to get streaking or notice where the product starts and ends. To apply it, simply take a nice glob on your fingers and spread it throughout your face. But if you're addicted to your Beauty blender like we are, feel free to use that as well.


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