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4 Things to Say if You Are Single During the Holidays

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We all have been there. You can be the first to graduate college in your family, have the coolest job in the world and have your own apartment in the city, but for many of your relatives (specially your parents!), if you don't have a person to share your life with, you haven't accomplished anything. Not just their "I want to have grandchildren!" watch is ticking but also they wish to see you with someone who loves you and with whom you can have beautiful babies and without whom, you are going to be a sad 20/30-something with no one to hold you at night (even though you are totally okay with that).

There are ways to deal with these types of situations (being home for Christmas can be a really hard if you are single or in a relationship), and they don't really require you to hire someone to fake-date you for the night nor have an all-night reserved spot by the mimosas counter (although no one can really blame you if you do).

Tell them how you value your freedom

It will bring a lot of discussion into the dinner table, and that is a thing that I can guarantee. Your single friends can not understand how can you would rather be alone on a Friday night In, bingeing on Netflix and sushi instead of being at a crowded restaurant while having sushi for two. Your parents can't understand when you say that you are still looking for "the one."

Change the topic at any given moment

You don't have to talk about yourself if you don't want to. Ask about other people's lives, jobs, health and prospects.

Spend time with the children

If you have children in your family, and you don't get to see them that much, now is the time. Watch a movie, play games or even put them to bed. You have to be really unlucky to your 7-year-old cousin to ask you, "Cousin Bea, where is your boyfriend?" while playing Barbies. If it happens, return to point 2.

Fake a relationship

Okay, definitely not the best idea, but it saved me a couple times. Your family will never get to know him/her because "you will break up" within weeks! Easy as pie!
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